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Fitness Programmes in Nursing & Care Homes

Providing fitness sessions within the home, we bring all our equipment and fitness knowledge to you!


Boogie Woogie Fitness provides sessions which aim to make fitness and exercise fun and engaging for older people and at the same time provide lots of physical and mental health benefits!!

With our equipment, music and games, the aim is to make physical activities lighthearted, fun and enjoyable for older people, rather than fitness being seen as a chore

There are many benefits from regular physical activity, examples such as increased muscle strength and bone strength, improved flexibility, and prevention of falls.

‘Poor muscle strength increases  the risk of falls by 76%’

Older people ( 65 years +) in the Department of Health Guidelines it states that people in this age group ‘should be aiming for at least 2 ½ hours of moderate-intensity activity weekly’.

This should include strengthening and balance exercise at least twice weekly as recommended in the UK CMO’s guidance

If you think your residents or day service users would benefit get in contact via details at the top of this page!!