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Every physiotherapy programme is specific to every individual’s needs.  The Physiotherapy treatments on offer aim to: 

Increase muscle strength through strengthening and mobilisation exercises

Minimise abnormal patterns of movement through realignment and activation of muscles

Improve balance and mobility through assessment of different seating and mobility aids and postural  re-education

Improved sensation through sensory stimulation

Reduce muscle stiffness, spasms and pain through stretching programmes and massage

Reduce the risk of falls through balance-work, gait re-education and training

Physiotherapy and physical activity, in general, improves cognitive health 

Physiotherapy for people with reduced independent movements:

  • Massage and/or range of movement exercises
  • Soft Tissue Massage and/or Range of movement exercises

What are they?

Soft tissue massage: This massage targets your muscles, ligaments, tendons or other connective tissue

Benefits of massage:

  • Improves joint range of movement and flexibility and aim to maintain the flexibility
  • Stretching of muscles with the aim to increase relaxation
  • Improved circulation and lymph flow
  • Decreases muscle spasms